About Us

Morocco Immersion Tours & Adventure is a family… literally.  As direct descendants of the first dynasty of Morocco (the Idrissi Dynasty), our family history is entwined with Moroccan history.  Our company  was born from the love of our Berber culture which epitomizes cooperation and generosity, along with our desire to share our way of life with the world.  As a result, when you travel with us, we welcome you with open hearts to our homeland and treat you not as a “tourist”, but as an honored guest of the family.

Our journey together begins from the moment you contact us.  With over 15 years of experience in the Moroccan tour industry coupled with our heritage and life experience, we are uniquely qualified to answer any questions or concerns that you may have and to work with you to design a private tour that incorporates your personal interests.  Regardless of whether we take care of arranging everything for you from the moment you arrive until you depart or if you join us for a short tour or day excursion,  we offer distinctive and authentic experiences that allow you to gain a rich understanding of the Berber culture and the Moroccan way of life.

We continue our journey together when we start your tour.  Our culture is synonymous with hospitality and, as a result, our number one priority is that you, our guests, are happy and comfortable.  For this reason, we carefully select accommodations that meet our high standards.  Additionally, we are flexible.  If you visit a place that you love and want to explore more deeply, we are happy to rearrange your tour itinerary to allow you to do so.  It is, after all, your vacation!  We like to leave a little room in the itineraries to allow us to plan a few surprises and/or share with you the secret spots that we know (that few tourists get to see).  Whether in the North or the South, the beach or the desert, when you are with us you are with family.   Our sincere hope is that we continue a relationship with you long after your tour is done.  At the very least, we hope that you will have great memories of your time in Morocco.

Meet Our Team

Abderrahman IdrissiFounder and Fearless Leader
Sharon Louthian IdrissiCo-Founder and Chief Immersion Planner
Hicham IdrissiSenior Immersion Manager and Driver
Abdelhadi 'Amnay' IdrissiSenior Immersion Manager and Local Liaison
Sallam El HasnaouiImmersion Manager and Driver
Essaddik RamiMulti-Sport Adventure Specialist
Abderrahman FadilHiking and Trekking Specialist