Special Morocco Immersion Tours

Festivals, Food, and Photography!

Morocco Immersion Tours & Adventures is proud to present a series of three exclusive immersion tours that will give you unique insight into Morocco’s traditions, celebrations, and day-to-day life.  Each immersion will take you to several of the must-see sites, but also include festivals or events that happen just one time a year including the Rose Festival in Kelaat M’Gouna (May), Gnaoua World Music and Sacred Music Festivals (June), and the Imilchil Nomad Marriage Festival (September).  We’ll keep this tours small (max 16 guests), so be sure to reserve your spot today!

Rose Festival, Morocco Immersion

Rose Festival Immersion Tour

May 2 – 14, 2018

$3200 USD Per Person*

*based on double occupancy

Every spring in the region between the Atlas Mountains and the sand seas of the Sahara, a sweet scent fills the air and the lush green oasis becomes dotted with pink.  At this time of year, when the roses are in bloom, it is obvious how this region of Morocco got its moniker “The Valley of Roses.” At the height of the season, the locals celebrate the annual harvest of the roses with a big festival that attracts Moroccans from all over. With festival activities such as the selection of the annual Rose Queen, Fantasia (a Berber course sport that is as fantastic as it sounds), local sporting events, traditional music and dance performances, and the Rose Queen parade, there is never a dull moment. And this year you can attend with us! Since this is our hometown, we have special connections and have arranged for our guests to have VIP access to all festival activities.  Experience the joy of this special time of year with this exclusive tour!

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Music, Food, Morocco Immersion

Music and Food Immersion Tour

June 20 – July 2, 2018

$3250 USD Per Person*

*based on double occupancy

Enjoy this special cultural immersion of Morocco with an exploration of the traditional food and music of the country. Not only will you taste a variety of local specialities from the north to the south and attend TWO music festivals – Gnaoua World Music Festival in Essaouira and the Sacred Music Festival in Fes – you’ll also be treated to several private concerts, a cooking class, a wine tasting, and more! Led by our resident Moroccan Rock Star, Amnay, this unique tour is perfect for music lovers and foodies alike!

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Imilchil, Nomad Marriage Festival, Morocco Immersion

Nomad Marriage and Markets Immersion Photography Tour

September 20 – October 2, 2018

$2650 USD Per Person*

*based on double occupancy

Once a year, high in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco’s nomadic Berbers gather to get married en masse.  The origin of this tradition is tied to a Berber legend of two star crossed lovers whose families refused to let them wed.  After parting for the last time, the young couple cried so much that they each drowned in their tears, forming the lake named after them: Tilsit (which means “bride” in Berber) and Isli (which means “groom”).  Like Romeo & Juliet and Tristan & Isolde, the tragic deaths brought the families together and from that point forward the tribes declared that on one weekend of the year any two people could marry and have their family’s blessing.  This year, you could attend this amazing festival that until recently was closed to outsiders. This tour is geared towards photographers of all levels, as the pace will be slow enough to wait for that perfect shot in the perfect light.  The vistas will create breathtaking landscapes and the festival and day markets will provide plenty of opportunity to create perfect portraiture, both infused with the vibrant colors of Morocco!

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